Iceland, view from Videy island.

imageLooking through some of the watercolour sketches and paintings I made from our trip to Iceland last June. Hideki and I took the ferry over to Videy island just off the coast from Reykjavik and the views are stunning. The cleanest environment, sea was deepest blues and greens. As we walked to the far northwest of the island the sea fog lifted to reveal this amazing mountain range. At one point the tops of the mountains seemed to hover above the fog reminding me of Peder Balke’s paintings of the Arctic landscape.

Videy has Yoko Ono’s peace tower light installation, a stream of light to the  sky. There is also the land art installation reminiscent of Neolithic standing stones created by Richard Serra ‘afangar’ (1990) carved from the basalt rocks from the Iceland that juts up from the lava stone beaches.

A lime green lichen marks the tide line  on these painfully gray cliffs whilst a wave of black stone denote the high tide along the pathways. It feels as if you have stepped back to the beginnings of a small planet. A tiny piece of lava from this beach sits here on my desk alongside a quartz stone from the top of the Pyrenees but that’s a different story another trip…


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