Ghost wedding 


6 thoughts on “Ghost wedding 

  1. What a wonderful photograph! I just love the idea, how you realized it.. it’s just perfect!!
    I also love the story it’s telling! in fact, everyone can interpret their own story into it.. of course having to do with ghost weddings:-) I might consider writing my story to that picture, if you don’t mind!? And I’d love to hear yours?!

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    1. Thanks for your generous comments, much appreciated. I would love a story so please tell! Then if you like I ll make an image from another of your stories?

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      1. I hope I succeeded in making your spine tingle. I’ve never written a tale of gothic mystery before, but I gave it my all…I hope you like it. I’ll post it this evening. (sorry for not answering, I was cut off wifi for a week while traveling for work.)


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