Art on a postcard 2017

Delighted to have been part of this year’s Art on a postcard which raised over £56k for the Hepatitis C Trust. This year’s exhibition of postcards held at The Unit London, Covent Garden.

Here are the artworks I donated:


Korean ceramic inspired paintings

Continuation of the painting series inspired by the form and glazes of Korean pottery. Using acrylics, stencils and Japanese papers. Gestural strokes made with fingers, gives a connection and intimacy similar to when I work with clay. 

Latest paintings: Take Flow

Exploring the dynamic between surface design on 3D ceramics. Transposing these in to painting; working up layers, playing with scale. Sometimes the expressive gesture takes presidency at others these marks are suggested at. Korean and Japanese ceramic ware, with their simple forms and elegant glaze brush work is the stimulus for this series. Exhibitions visited include Fitzwilliam Museum, V &A and St Ives Tate and a small book and print gallery showing studies from Bernard Leach sketchbooks and the contemporary ceramic artists Matthew Blakely and Sam Hall . img_2984.jpg

Cambridge open studio

Welcome! Weekend 3 of cambridge open studio:) birgitte and I offer a selection of paintings, prints, photographs and Birgitte’s silver and gold jewellery. Look forward to meeting you on Saturday 15-Sunday 16 July at 28 Radegund Road cambridge number 73 in the guide. Going to have a secret auction of a large Cornish coastal painting. acrylic on canvas…. place your bids in our open studio or DM slanter_art. Ticket price £380 Reserve bid starting at £50. 

Cambridge open studio 1st weekend


Thank you to Birgitte Bruun for generously hosting me for this year’s Cambridge Open Studio. We were blessed with lovely sunshine and thank you to everyone who visited us, great to meet you all! Here are a few photos and you can see birgitte and I again weekend 15-16 July at 28 Radegund Road cambridge 11-6pm. 

Cambridge open studio July 2017

Welcome invitation to Cambridge Open Studio July 2017. Sarah Blake artist and Birgitte Bruun jeweller no 73 page 30 in guide. Wkends 1-2 and 15-16 July 11am-6pm

An exhibition of new paintings by sarah and timeless contemporary jewellery by Birgitte.

28 Radegund Road, Cambridge

Free on street parking… here’s a little teaser of Sarah’s new works